Taklimat UROVEC 2014 di Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Suasana semasa pembentangan oleh pihak NOD, Mosti

Hari ini saya dijemput sebagai Pakar Teknikal Zon Pantai Timur untuk Pertandingan Rekabentuk Robot Bawah Air 2014 (UROVEC, 2014). Pertandingan ini disertai oleh 28 sekolah menengah aliran Teknik dan Vokasional yang dibahagikan kepada empat zon:

  1. Zon Utara (untuk penyertaan dari Perak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis & Kedah),
  2. Zon Pantai Timur (untuk penyertaan dari Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan)
  3. Zon Tengah (untuk penyertaan dari Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Johor); and
  4. Zon Timur (untuk penyertaa dari Sabah & Sarawak)

Program ini adalah salah satu daripada Program Outreach yang saya sertai, kali ini dianjurkan oleh Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI), di bawah usaha National Oceanographic Directorate.

Maklumat lanjut berkenaan pertandingan ini, buku panduan, video dan maklumat penting yang lain boleh didapati melalui link di ini: http://www.mynodc.gov.my/index.php?q=Pages/UROVEC14

Engineers, Boredoms and How to Control Engineers


Engineers are interesting people. Overly critical, limitless imaginations, very talented, posses good motor skills and able to focus on interesting things in a very long period of time.

Engineers have the penchant to other human’s interest as well e.g. movies, arts and stuffs.

And their interests looked random as well.

For example, last week they were playing guitar, then tinkering with motorbike, writing codes for servers, planting grass, and later connecting wires to things in the house. This week suddenly they are doing maths, building flying robot, looking for ways to manipulate free electricity from the sun and finally writing some cryptic codes to automate the movement of a remote-controlled car that they intend to convert them to robots that can go take pictures and come home by themselves.

Engineers love to do interesting things, the reason for that mostly stems from their inherent characteristics of easily being bored.

Under several instances, engineers can get bored quickly;
1. The problem that they are trying to solve is too easy.
2. The problem that they are trying to solve is hard, and they manage to solve it.
3. You put the engineers inside meeting room with management-focused people that talks a lot.

The first and the second example above can be solved, by supplying them with endless resources of interesting problems and tools.

The third instance above is incurable. Engineers hate all-talks-and-no-action. Engineers are not your typist although they can type 90 words per minute.

If one is managing an engineer, one cannot ground them. Engineers are very reactive to interesting problems, and one must keep up with the engineers. Late by few seconds, they are up for something else. Better yet, try to suit one’s problem to be interesting so the engineers can get busy solving it.

Yep, now you understand why engineers act like one and how you can benefit from that.

Zoysia grass seeding progress (month 1-3)


My friend once told me, DIY grass seeding is hard work. But I have no choice since the suppliers in my area didn’t have the stock for carpeted grass. Therefore I have to take this matter with my own hands. I started seeding Zoysia grass on the 2nd May 2014, and the photos below show some progress.

Photo 1: The first month. Watered the grass everyday at 7 am and 6 pm.


Photo 2: The second month. Watering has reduced to once a day, which is only at 7 am. Trimmed the grass using Bosch Easytrim this month.


Photo 3: Luckily we are approaching monsoon season, heavy rain poured everyday for few hours at night. So no watering this month. I plan to water once a week after the rainy season ends. Trimmed the grass using Bosch Easytrim.


I must note that ideally I should not use a trimmer to cut the grass as it will not produce a level-trimmed grass. However taking into account the size of the lawn, I think that I can live with this finishing of the trimmed grass.